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The DeFrank Saga
DeFrank Group has its presence in the field of HR and Behavioural Research, Psychometrics and Psychological Intervention, Human Resource Outsourcing, Corporate Training, Publication, Placement, Leisure, Production and New Business Ventures. DeFrank Group was founded in the year 1985 as an investments and manufacturing unit. The group established Alfasys, a Transaction Processing unit in 2003. The Alfasys was transformed as DeFrank Technologies, a technology based entity. The Group established the new generation group entities in the year 2005. The group is managed by well-known professional experts.

The DeFrank Visionary Ray
We cherish to create smarter knowledge communities with high standards of ethics through empowered learning systems and behavioural intervention that emphasizes on higher productivity and constructive development both in services and manufacturing arena.
Group Entities
DeFrank Centre for Behavioural and Management Research, DeFrank Technologies, DeFrank Psychometrics & Assessments, DeFrank Learning & Development, DeFrank Publications, DeFrank Career Paths and DeFrank Leisure are the group entities.

DeFrank Management Excellence
Professional Experts from different areas of domain have synchronized their thoughts and ideas in developing the process, procedures and products of DeFrank Group. This professionally managed entity is known for its standard operating procedures (SOP), validated and reliable products, real time solution oriented offerings and innovative solutions. We at DeFrank Group have the commitment to deliver the desired results in every environment. The team is geared up to energize and inspire the community to create a faster and smarter workplace.

DeFrank Business Ethics
At DeFrank Group business ethics, integrity and corporate social responsibility are an integral part of work culture. Unyielding integrity, commitment to excel, thirst for creativity and change, passion towards clients and customer needs, growing with our people markets and businesses are our ethical thought process. We accept, respect and value every individual's contribution at DeFrank Group.